Redefining the Strength of Efficient Logistics

Adapting to the Realities and Needs of Modern-Day Supply Chains


Buffalo’s mission is to develop modernized rail and rail-adjacent infrastructure to service the evolving needs of North American supply chains more efficiently.

News Announcement

We’re pleased to announce first steps towards our vision for a world scale industrial hub with the acquisition of pulp mill assets in Taylor BC

Buffalo Rail & Infrastructure – Solutions for the Logistics Storm Ahead

In early 2020, the world discovered just how fragile North American supply chains had become through decades of globalization. The Covid-19 pandemic, post-pandemic geopolitical tensions, climate change and child labour laws are each doing their part to alter traditional trade routes. The evolution of China Plus-One (C+1) continues to create opportunities for North American manufacturers and shippers to more responsibly and efficiently secure their supply chains.






Buffalo Rail & Infrastructure is a Calgary, Alberta based company investing growth capital into both brownfield and greenfield sites to develop and/or repurpose highly efficient, modern rail or rail adjacent logistics infrastructure  to increase the throughput efficiencies of our customers and North American rail operators.

The buffalo, renowned for its strength, stands out as the sole animal that charges into the oncoming storm, confronting it directly. In doing so, it minimizes the duration of its exposure to the elements and expedites the process of overcoming adversity.